Q. What ages do you photograph?

A: For now, we photograph toddlers (must be walking), to teens. We do not do newborn and infant photography at this time.

Q: How long will my photo shoot take?

A:  Most shoots take about 45 - 75 minutes. Due to our extensive experience working with young children and child models, the amount of time their attention span lasts, is limited. We also want them to have fun and express themselves without getting bored.

Q: What if my kids are sick? Can we reschedule?

A:  Of course! Sick kids won’t radiate their best personalities We want this experience to be a blast for them, as it shows in the photographs. Ultimately, it’s your call: A runny nose generally isn’t going to get them down, but a fever likely will. You can reschedule with us anytime within 6 months of your original shoot date.

Q: What about bumps, bruises and mosquito bites?

A: To us, braces, band-aids and minor bumps or bruises are true badges of childhood—a memorable part of growing up that’s worthy of capture. But if you prefer, we’ll gladly retouch minor blemishes in your included and extra retouches. If you’re still concerned, snap a quick photo and email it to us—we’ll let you know if it warrants rescheduling.

Q: How do I choose clothes for the shoot?

A:   Over the years, we know what makes moms and dads wake up in a cold sweat days before a shoot: Wondering what to wear, and shopping for the shoot. Don't stress! It is simpler than you think it is. Don’t overdo the patterns and prints. Let your kids shine in their clothes.Still can’t decide what to wear? Bring a few options and we’ll help you narrow it down to the perfect outfit. We also carry amazing and very affordable options in our online store Posh Glam Kids featured on our Home Page and in the Menu above.

Q: How do I order clothing from you?

A:   Easy! We know how busy our parents are, so we try to make the experience with MMP as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Just click the link on the Menu above, or choose items from our Featured Home Page, and it works like any other online store. If you have something in mind that is not in our store, just drop us a line and we will glad help you out! *Please be aware that any "Pre-Order" clothing takes up to 3 weeks to be delivered, so keep this in mind when you are booking your shoot.

Q: Should I bring snacks to the shoot?

A:  Please feed your child before coming to the shoot.  As hard as we try, competing with snacks and candy for a child’s attention is nearly impossible. Leave snacks in the car, or hidden in your bag. Water bottles are perfectly acceptable, and encouraged.

Q: What can I expect to invest in total on my photo shoot and prints?

A:  We aim to keep our individual shoots affordable. Please note that deposits are non-refundable, and our session fees do not include any products, prints or digital files. All of our products, including our prints, are priced à la carte to give our customers the freedom to order exactly what they want. Event,On-Location, In-Home, and Out-of-State Travel Shoots are considered specialty sessions, please contact us for information and pricing.

Q: Can you come shoot in my home or at a location of my choice?

A:  Of course! We are available for travel, and welcome the opportunity to photograph in locations that our clients love. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Q: Can you help my child get into modeling or acting?

A: Of course! We can absolutely give you general info, tips and answer questions during your shoot time, so long as it does not take away from photographing your child. We also offer professional 1-on-1 consultations and guidance, if this is a business you would like you get your child into.